Inspire from our reflection…

So starting my blog with my first topic that is inspiration from our own reflection.It seems wierd but trust me it works.


As per to my observations i have been looking for this many years that every person have thier own personal life but if they faces any of the problems in their life or any of the situation which they can’t handle they just start searching for the motivational speakers on the internet and start watching thier videos or sometimes they also go to a councillors.Even looking into my personal life my parents just bark behind me to watch this videos on youtube, but i feel that there is no need of it not only to me but for none of us.Yes i agree that it is good to watch this motivational speakers and many of the people get inspire by them.But i wanted to ask those people that after going behind this motivational speakers how much happiness they feel in their own life? i would say not much.some of the people maybe against me for this but just try not watching this videos you will be much happier.

As per to my title Inspire from our reflection, it says that just dont get inspired with help of others thinkings or with help of others mind use your own mind use your own thinking,i mean why we should use others personality and be a successfull person use your own brains and be a sucessfull.In thies world there are many motivational speakers but keep in your mind that all these speakers are a normal human beings like you they are not almighty so just think once that if they are a normal human beings like you or like all of us and if they have such a high thoughts in their mind and with that they motivate others why we all can’t have similar high thoughts afterall all the human beings on this earth have an equal brain the only thing is to use them and think deeply.I also came across many bad situation when i had my first failure some people were just giving me an example of sachine tendulkar but i just ignored them because i dont wanted to be successful with the help of others personality i wanted to creat my own personality by which i can rectify my own mistakes.Seriously the happiness which we get by our own thinkings is very different other than happiness we get by useing others motiavtion.Most important thing that when you get an unsuccess dont mix deeply in that unsucess better find others ways to be success and dont search any other person to motivate you.

Now question can arise that this is also an type of motivating but i am not motivating i am just telling to belive in yourself and inspire by your own reflection.And when you will notice that you are inspired by yourself it will be a most happiest moment for all of you.belive me i have experienced it.


My first try…

So this is my first try or saying it as a first time of my blogging.I am only 17 yrs so am not so good in my english vocab.I am here to share some of my personal thinkings and ideas.This is because in this new generation i can see many things which seems to be wrong but in a practical way if we take an experience in our personal life it can grow our confideance on ourself.


I hope that you guys will support me and will like my blogs which i’ll be soon publish.